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New Way to Preserve Youthful Vigor

Published October 12, 2018

What do the Greek historian Herodotus, Alexander the Great, and Ponce de Leon have in common? They all sought―and failed to find―the elusive Fountain of Youth, reputed to have powers to banish the ravages of time and restore human beings to a state of youthful appearance and vigor. Throughout human history, people have dreamed of such restoration, but in reality, most accepted their fate as wrinkled skin, loss of strength and energy, and growing susceptibility to chronic disease. It is only in our own time that the word “anti-aging” has entered our everyday vocabulary. Recent advances in anti-aging or restorative medicine are remarkable. We have amassed an enormous amount of information about nutrition and how eating properly can help keep you youthful and healthy. Science has also given us myriad ways to stave off lined and sagging skin. And now research brings us new information about how the right type of exercise can help restore youthful levels of energy and muscle mass. Read more…


  • A new study published by the New England Journal of Medicine provides a new perspective on testosterone therapy for men over the age of 65. While hormone therapy has been frowned upon for years, fresh insight illustrates the benefits and improvements of men. Erectile function and sexual desire has shown the greatest improvements… Read MoreRead More
  • We all recognize the guidelines of a healthy lifestyle: don’t smoke, consume alcohol in moderation, eat nutritious meals, and exercise regularly. Yet, to live a healthy, long, high quality life you might need to do more than that. Scientists have uncovered a new compound in human DNA… Read MoreRead More
  • Times have changed, and according to The North American Menopause Society, 60 percent of clinicians are prescribing bioidentical hormones for the treatment of menopause. Years ago this percentage was unheard of as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy was viewed in a negative light. However, physicians now cite safety and efficacy as the primary reason to prescribe bioidentical hormones… Read MoreRead More


June 14, 2019

3 Reasons Women Need Probiotics Every Day

Probiotics have grown in popularity these days—with very good reason! They are linked to tons of health benefits and are beloved by doctors and wellness enthusiasts alike. There are so […]

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