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Sarcotropin Treatment

Sarcotropin treatment to help improve HGH levels naturally  The lack of get-up-and-go can be a hard pill to swallow the older we get. Energy levels seem to crash; stubborn body fat collects; strength and endurance look as if they have caught the first flight out of town. Sarcopenia is a universal condition that affects almost all adults at some point throughout the lifecycle. It is a disorder associated with an age-related health decrease resulting in symptoms such as poor coordination, trouble sleeping, weight gain, lessened endurance, and loss of muscle mass while contributing to a lower quality of life.

Around the age of 25, muscle mass can begin to weaken and continue through adulthood. By age 30, the visual characteristics of weight gain can disguise the decline of muscle mass, and by the age of 40 muscle mass and strength has deteriorated noticeably leading to the disagreeable symptoms of associated with Sarcopenia. Luckily, a new treatment has proven to help counteract these adverse symptoms in conjunction with a regular diet and healthy lifestyle – Sarcotropin.

What is Sarcotropin Treatment?

Sarcotropin has emerged as an effective and more pocketbook friendly alternative to human growth hormone (HGH). Sarcotropin – similar to its well-known, yet highly controversial counterpart, HGH – offers comparable advantages with regard to reducing the effects of aging.

Sarcotropin® is a medical food containing ingredients that oppose Sarcopenia – the progressive loss of muscle or lean body mass (LBM) that can occur throughout the aging process. Using scientifically-based evidence, Sarcotropin has been specially formulated to resist the contributing molecular deficiencies that are related to the onset of Sarcopenia by combining essential ingredients in a medical food prescription intended to complement a standard diet. While detecting the anabolic significance of growth hormone, substantial attention has been directed to the mixture of ingredients for the Sarcotropin formula that encourages instinctive production and secretion of growth hormone within the body.

Benefits of Sarcotropin Treatment

Sarcotropin treatment has shown to offer many health values. By increasing the body’s natural levels of growth hormone, benefits of Sarcotropin may include:

  • Increased lean body mass*
  • Reduced body fat*
  • Improved energy*
  • Escalated strength and stamina*
  • Boosted endurance*
  • Accelerated healing*
  • Strengthened cardiovascular health*
  • Enhanced immune system function*
  • Improved sleep quality*
  • Enhanced bone health*
  • Improved cognitive health*
  • Reduced joint pain*

Sarcotropin treatment was designed for adults in search of enhanced rejuvenation and liveliness. To determine if Sarcotropin therapy is right for you, contact Whole Body Health MD to schedule an appointment.



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