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Metabolic Code

Day after day people make a choice to start eating healthier and get well… moreover, every day those same individuals do not really have a plan of action or an idea of what they are undertaking. In recent years there has been a flood of products, services, and technology aimed at helping people improve their health through tracking of exercise, calories, and hydration. Conversely, what these services do not offer is a comprehensive look at the sources of health dysfunction… until now. The Metabolic Code (MC) – a method for determining the state of your vitality and wellness – can help you get prepared and ready to embark on your health transformation journey.

Metabolic Code Health Assessment and Vitality Report

Metabolic Code Report for Metabolic Syndrome and Metabolism optimization and chronic disease preventionThe Metabolic Code was created with the conviction that people deserve vitality at every stage of life and that your health is a conclusion of the intricate relationship between lifestyle decisions and how those decisions control your metabolic health. The Metabolic Code examines your health in clear-cut layers to build a comprehensive view of who you are currently while identifying and confronting the fundamental principles of aging, metabolic, and lifestyle impacts that could be hindering your metabolism.

The Metabolic Code Health Assessment and Vitality Report is a patient-friendly, accurate report that incorporates results from a private questionnaire, lab tests, and biometrics to inspire the optimization of health while lessening factors that can adversely impact well-being. Your personal information is input and organized into Triads to construct a unique report that presents a detailed picture of your present chemistry. The Metabolic Code Health Assessment and Vitality Report exemplifies where you can advance on the Triad relationships using lifestyle, dietary, and targeted nutritional supplements distinguishable to your specific needs.

Meet the Triads

The Metabolic Code is based on the belief of metabolic Triads. With more than 30 years of clinical research and application, the Triads classify vital organ systems into classifications of three body systems that work in close partnership together and represent the intricate interrelationship of the systems that can pose a serious influence on your metabolic health.

The Metabolic Code consists of 5 unique Triads:

  • Triad 1: Energy  (Adrenals-Thyroid-Pancreas)
  • Triad 2: Resiliency  (Gut-Immune-Brain)
  • Triad 3: Endurance  (Cardio-Pulmonary-Neurovascular)
  • Triad 4: Detoxification  (Liver-Lymph-Kidney)
  • Triad 5: Potency  (Estrogen-Progesterone-Testosterone)

Unlock Your Code

Your metabolism is not only your caloric intake and expenditure; metabolism includes every single chemical reactions in your body. Your health is an outcome of all exposures, experiences, and lifestyle actions that have built up since birth. Symptoms often show up prior to making a shift in your lab results. If you are looking to revitalize your health, recuperate energy, or improve your overall wellbeing and quality of life, Dr. Plucknett at Whole Body Health MD can help guide you back on a customized path to prosperity and vitality with Metabolic Code.   Acquiring the daily rituals and practices that assemble health and is particular to your needs is a focus on our dedication to you.


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