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Physician-Preferred Supplements

SupplementsThe old saying, “you are what you eat” is accurate. Everything that you place into your system contributes to the performance of your body- for better, or worse. However, getting all the essential nutrients that the body requires, is not always the easiest thing to do. The reality is that most of us are deficient in one or more vital nutrients. The modern-day food source is lacking in nutrient dense options due to environmental toxins, poor soil quality, and processing and transport of food. Even fruits and vegetables that we consume today are cultivated in fields that have been exhausted of vitamins and minerals, so the soil does not provide the same nutrients that it did 10 or 20 years ago.

Incorporating physician-preferred supplements to your health regimen is a valuable first step in providing your body the support vital to achieving optimal function, well-being, and performance. However, it is imperative to mention that not all supplements are created equal. Often, lower-priced, over-the-counter supplements for purchase in grocery stores, drug stores, and warehouse stores don’t do much to replace nutrients. The products regularly contain fillers and ingredients that may not match the claims on the label.

At Whole Body Health, each supplement regimen is carefully designed to fill nutritional cavities, meet your health requirements and ensure you reach your wellness goals, coupled with daily support for wherever your lifestyle may take you. Dr. Barbara Plucknett, Medical Director of Whole Body Health and part of the BodyLogicMD physician’s network, utilizes only the highest quality supplements from leading manufacturers in the industry who meet and exceed superior safety and quality standards.

  • OrthoMolecular
  • Metagenics
  • Thorne Research
  • Designs for Health
  • Douglas Labs
  • Earth’s Bounty


If you are ready to transform your life with expert care from a highly trained physician who specializes in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, contact Whole Body Health today. Dr. Plucknett and her team can help you achieve your best health ever. Dr. Plucknett is among the top physicians in New Jersey specially certified to help you achieve your health goals, including addressing symptoms of hormone imbalance. Get started on a customized treatment plan designed to fit your lifestyle and ensure you reach optimal wellness. Begin your journey now, contact Whole Body Health to schedule your first appointment. 



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