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Sexual Wellness for Men and Women


Improving Sexual Wellness and Sexual Health Pursuing help for sexual concerns can be a tough task. People frequently have a feeling of embarrassment, shame, and even fear when having to confront these matters. They can harm self-confidence, hinder intimate relationships, and create secrecy. Conversely, fluctuations in sexual behavior, performance, and desire are normal occurrences that happen to both men and women with age.

As people age, their sex life may deteriorate particularly after reaching their 40’s. Women can experience a loss of libido and reduced lubrication leading to painful intercourse; men can suffer from erectile dysfunction initiating a less than enjoyable encounter. The Sexual Wellness Program at Whole Body Health MD was intended to help men and women of all ages take pleasure in the most satisfying sexual experience possible.

Men: Enhancing Sexual Wellness

The drop in testosterone levels in men can cause challenges that interfere with sexual health and performance. With the use of the Sexual Wellness Program, there are practices to enhance sexual function and muscle memory so that men of all ages can still participate in a vibrant sex life. The Sexual Wellness Program Kit contains a blend of professional grade, non-controlled medications that work concurrently to improve sexual wellness and performance for men.

The Sexual Wellness kit for men includes:

  • Powder packets made from essential vitamins designed to improve blood flow
  • A rapid dissolve tablet that helps to stimulate muscle response and blood flow


  • Powder packets made from essential vitamins designed to improve blood flow
  • An injectable mix of prescriptions compounded to activate muscle response and increase blood flow

Women: Supporting Sexual Wellness

Reservations in regards to sexual health can develop for women of all ages. These issues can differ from a lack of libido to reduced lubrication and vaginal tissue health—all of which can cause women unhappiness. The Sexual Wellness Program kit includes synergetic, professional grade, non-controlled medications to deal with and assist the precise sexual wellness needs of women.

The Sexual Wellness kit for women includes:

  • A rapid-dissolving tablet designed to enhance your mood and increase pleasure during intercourse
  • A gel that is applied 15-30 minutes prior to sexual activity that will help to increase blood flow and improve libido
  • A gel containing essential vitamins that act as a natural lubricant to increase sex drive and promote collagen formation


At Whole Body Health MD, it is our absolute goal to increase and improve the sex life and sexual gratification of every patient who comes to us for help. Contact us today to get started!

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