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Could Your Hormones Be the Root Cause of Your Depression?

Published October 19, 2018

If you’ve ever experienced depression, you probably wondered about the cause. Sometimes it can seem to strike out of the blue, for no apparent reason. Were you particularly stressed at the time? A little stress is a good thing. It can help you rise to meet challenges and perform at your best. But unrelieved stress can lead to depressive episodes, which are much more severe than fleeting moments of bad mood brought on by transitory stress. Depression is more than just feeling sad. It’s illogical. It takes over your will, makes you feel helpless, and robs you of a sense of control. And studies show that women are more susceptible to depression than men. Why? For one thing, they have a different and far more complex hormonal makeup, and stress, poor diet, lack of sleep, and other lifestyle issues can exacerbate already existing hormonal fluctuations. Read more…


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